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Sounds of Cambridge

The wind blowing in the bountiful trees of Galt. Trains blowing their whistles behind Coronation Boulevard in Preston. Children laughing and playing in the splash pad at Forbes Park in Hespeler. These, among other things, are the sounds of Cambridge...

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Sounds of Cambridge

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Sounds of Cambridge

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Vol 1 | Sounds of Cambridge

The wind blowing in the bountiful trees of Galt. Trains blowing their whistles behind Coronation Boulevard in Preston. Children laughing and playing in the splash pad at Forbes Park in Hespeler. These, among other things, are the sounds of Cambridge. Our three little towns provide unique experiences to those who live here, and some experiences are unique to each town. But what do all three towns have in common? We all share the same love of live music.

That's what you, the residents of Cambridge proved to us over the past year. You came out to our meetups, sponsored our posters and submitted your events to our live music calendar. You helped us prove that high quality live music could be found in our own backyards, and you helped us bring it to life. And now, the tireless volunteers at Cambridge Live Music are proud to present Sounds of Cambridge - Volume I, our first CD comprised entirely of original music written by local artists.

An independent jury of industry professionals had the unenviable, and daunting task of narrowing the submissions down to the final 19 songs presented here. This CD is not intended to represent a cross section of the Cambridge music scene; but it is a tasty sampler of some of the music that's getting played around town most weekends by these very talented artists.

So now all you have to do is load it up in your stereo, sit back, relax, and let the sounds of Cambridge wash over you. We hope you enjoy it!

Artists & Songs
Note: Please be sure to stop the clip or let it play to the end before playing another clip.
1. MERMAID - Factory City
Writer: Mike Meacher. Producer: Mike Meacher Musicians: Mike Meacher - guitar/vocals, Fyl Bennett- bass guitar, Mat Bowman - drums and percussion, Emily Barkley - guest vocals.
2. BREAKDOWN - Shae Dupuy
Writers: Shae Dupuy, Mike Little, Chris Byrne. Producer: Johnny Gasparic. Musicians: Shae Dupuy - guitar & vocals, Chris Byrne - bass, Chad Melchert - drums, Mike Little - keyboard, Russel Broom - electric guitar, Johnny Gasparic - lap steel.
3. SCRAMBLE - Mo' Kauffey
Writers: Gary Wickizer/Mo' Kauffey. Producers: Kent MacMillan and Mo' Kauffey. Musicians: Mo' Kauffey - vocals and guitar, Kent MacMillan - slide, other guitars and percussion, Peter Turpin - bass, Ryan McAdam - drums.
4. NAKED EMPEROR - Dan Walsh
Writer: Dan Walsh. Producer: Dan Walsh. Musicans: Dan Walsh - all instruments.
Writer: Gary Cain. Producer: Gary Cain. Musicians: Gary Cain - vocals, guitar, bass, drum programming.
6. LET IT GO - Jesse Parent
Writer: Jesse Parent. Producers: Jesse Parent and Corey Kennedy. Musicians: Jesse Parent - guitar and vocals, Matt McLeod - bass, Chad Davis, - drums, Nick Barkley - keyboards.
7. BENJI BOY - Natalie Martin
Writers: N. Martin and D. Spence. Producers: D. Spence, N. Martin and R. Roy. Musicians: Natalie Martin - vocals, keyboards and bass guitar, Danny Spence- guitar.
8. COLD COLD WINTER - Mother West Wind's Animal Friends
Writer: Sandy MacDonald, Freewheelin' Frank Kelly. Producers: Jonny Sauder, Sandy MacDonald and Frank Kelly. Musicians: Sandy MacDonald - lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, Frank Kelly - vocals and stand-up bass, Willem Moolenbeek - saxaphone and harmonica, Jonny Sauder - drums, Sue Windover - vocals, George Kauntz - keyboard and accordian, Danny Michel - guest vocals.
Writer: Ben Moore. Producer: Ben Moore. Musicians: Ben Moore - guitar.
Writers: Tanya Marie Harris, David Norris, Lala Deaton. Producers: Kelly Schoenfeld, John Dwinell. Musicians: Tanya Marie Harris - vocals, Andy Hull - drums, Jim Hyatt - bass, Buddy Hyatt - piano/keyboards, Jeff King - electric guitar, Joe Spivey - acoustic guitar and bouzouki, Kelly Schoenfeld - background vocals.
11. THE LIGHT - Robert "Bobby" Cameron
Writer: Bobby Cameron, Producer: Dan Walsh, Musicians: Bobby Cameron - acoustic guitar & vocals, Richard MacNeil - cajon, Dan Walsh - bass, weissenborn lap steel & slide guitar.
12. LOST AND FOUND - Lucas Stagg Group
Writer: Lucas Stagg, Producers: Aaron Comeau and Lucas Stagg Group. Musicians: Lucas Stagg - lead vocal, guitars and harmonica, Cleave Anderson - drums and backing vocal, Daniel Alac - bass and backing vocal, Tanya Philipovich - harmony vocal.
13. I AIN'T WAITIN - The Initials
Writer: Joe Lopez. Producer: Joe Lopez. Musicians: Joe Lopez - vocals and guitars, Jim Wolfe - piano, Nathan Payne - fender bass, Phil Carrier - alto and tenor sax, Steve Trayes - percussion.
14. REBIRTH - 7T8
Writers: Derek Higgins, Kyle Millard, Shane Boone, Paul Millard and Mark O'Connor. Producer: Luke DaSilva. Musicians: Derek Higgins - guitars, Kyle Millard - bass, Shane Boone - vocals, Paul Millard - drums, Mark O'Connor - guitars.
15. THAT AIN'T LOVE - Broad and Narrow
Writer: Broad and Narrow. Producer: Broad and Narrow. Musicians: Brent Nowlan - guitar and bass, Nate Toews - vocals, guitar, and drums.
16. BAD TO THE PHONE - The Sarcastic Onions
Writers: N. Martin and D. Spence. Producers: D. Spence, N. Martin and R. Roy. Musicians: Danny Spence - guitar, Natalie Martin - vocals, bass guitar and keyboards, Ron Roy - drums.
17. GET OUT - CounterWait
Writers: Jeff Freitas & Paul Charlebois. Producers: Jeff Freitas & Paul Charlebois. Musicians: Jeff Freitas - guitar & vocals, Paul Charlebois - guitar & vocals, Justin Sousa - drums, Jeremy Grischow - bass.
Writer: Jordan Fox. Producers: Jordan Fox, Tim McArthur, Dave McArthur. Musicians: Jordan Fox - guitar and vocals, Tim McArthur - guitar and vocals, Dan McArthur - drums, Mark Putt - bass and vocals.
19. CRETIN GIRL - Danny Spence
Writers: D. Spence and R. Seward. Producers: D. Spence, N. Martin and R. Roy. Musicians: Ron Roy - drums, Danny Spence - vocals and all other instruments.
Special Thanks

All proceeds from the sale of this compilation CD support Cambridge Live Music Inc., a not for profit, arts and culture organization. Use of the recordings on this compilation has been donated by the respective artists and used with their permission.

Cambridge Live Music would like to thank the artists who have generously provided their work for use on this compilation, as well as their supporting musicians and technicians. We would like to thank all the artists who submitted their work. Whether it was included or not, it was your participation that made this project a success!

The songs were selected by an independent and impartial jury of industry professionals. Cambridge Live Music would like to thank them for taking on the task of selecting the material to be included.

Finally, we need to thank the Cambridge business community for the encouragement we've received in our first year. Their moral and financial support have been invaluable to Cambridge Live Music and this CD project.

This project would not have been possible without our sponsors, the people who attend our events, the musicians who donate their time to play, and our own volunteers. Thanks to all of you!

The Board of Directors
Cambridge Live Music

Technical Consultant: Dan Walsh
Artwork courtesy of: Jennifer Depencier
Copywriting: Alex Riese
Design: Tim Kitchen
Legal Services: Pavey Law Offices

Cambridge Live Music would like to thank our sponsors.

Gold Sponsors: Grand River Brewing, Swan Dust Control, Ridgehill Ford and Bob's Guitar Service.

Live Music Venue Sponsors: M&M Bar and Grill, The Black Badger British Pub, Kiwi Gastropub, The Brownestone Gastropub, The Easy Pour Wine Bar, The Fiddle & Firkin, Idea Exchange and Royal Canadian Legion Preston Branch 126.


Sounds of Cambridge - Volume 1 is available at all of our events or by emailing info@cambridgelivemusic.com.
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